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(Drywall, Insulation, Light Gage Framing, EIFS, Plaster, ACT)

all of your best customers need a bid at the same time, but it doesn't happen often enough to hire another full-time estimator.


When you need the benefit of 33 years of construction experience, 29 years in commercial estimating, Princeton graduate, former chief estimator.  Past president (2007-2009) Richmond chapter, American Society of Professional Estimators.


When you need the advantage of the latest estimating software, including Quickbid, Digitizer, On-Screen Take-Off, or when your estimators need training in the use of this software, on site or at my office.


When you need to spell out your bid qualifications with precision, because you're bidding a school in Norfolk, but the specs look like they were written for a hospital in Boston.


When, through no fault of the architect, the plans and specs really are that complicated, and while you feel very comfortable doing the work, you need a little extra assurance that you haven't missed anything, or misinterpreted the bid documents.


When your estimators are out sick, on vacation, or when you are in between estimators.


Call Outsource Estimating Inc.  I look forward to serving you.