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Partial Project List

Note:  A conservative estimate of the number of jobs I have bid would be an average of one every two weeks for the last 27 years, or over 700 jobs.  From 1983 to 1986, I managed the construction of three projects for a GC, but the remainder of the time I was strictly an estimator, turning over jobs that were won to a project manager.   Below is just a small sampling of projects that I estimated for employers or clients, to show some of the variety of projects.   All bids below were for “division 9” subcontractors (drywall, light gauge framing, EIFS, stucco, plaster, insulation and acoustic ceilings), unless noted otherwise, and dollar amounts were for their scope of work, not for entire project.  Projects with asterisk* were definitely won; I was project manager on projects with (PM).  Dollar amounts are not adjusted for inflation. 


Job Name & Brief Description                           Employer or Client                     Approx. Amount

1. Moncrief Army Hospital*                               Miles Plastering & Assoc.         $512,000.00

    Ft Jackson, SC, 1982

    12-story hospital renovation


2. Alabama Power HQ                                      Miles Plastering & Assoc.         $5,000,000.00

    Birmingham, AL, 1983

    18-story office                      


3. Peacock Condo*(PM)                                   Arms Corp.                               $1,500,000.00

    Jacksonville, FL, 1983

    Const VP and PM for GC/developer

    4-story renovation, condo conversion


4. Edgewood Theater*(PM)                               Arms Corp.                               $1,000,000.00

    Jacksonville, FL, 1984

    Const VP and PM for GC/developer

    3-story conversion: theater > office


5. Edgewood Condo*(PM)                                 Arms Corp.                               $2,500,000.00

    Jacksonville, FL, 1985-1986   

    Const VP and PM for GC/developer

    6-story condo (CIP concrete structure)


6.  Barnett Bank HQ                                         Guthrie Plastering Inc.               $425,000.00

     Jacksonville, FL 1987

     43-story office shell


7.  St. Vincent’s Hospital Expansion                   S&S Precast Inc.                      $1,000,000.00

     Jacksonville, FL, 1988

     Quantity Survey of extensive

     ornamental, precast concrete trim

     on 5-story hospital expansion


8.  JIA Airport Terminal Expansion                    E. Haines Contracting Inc.         $3,000,000.00

     Jacksonville, FL 1989

     Airport Terminal major expansion


9.  Shands 10th floor PICU renovation*               Suncoast Wall & Ceiling Sys.     $250,000.00

     And 3rd floor Lab Renovation                                                                        $240,000.00      

     Gainesville, FL 2002

     40,000 SF hospital renovation


10.  Hamilton Co. K-12 School*                         Suncoast Wall & Ceiling Sys.     $1,300,000.00               

       Jasper, FL 2002

       New K-12 school



11.  Univ. of FL Stadium Expansion                    Suncoast Wall & Ceiling Sys.     $2,200,000.00               

       Gainesville, FL 2002

       Skybox and press box additions


12.  Forest High School*                                    Suncoast Wall & Ceiling Sys.     $500,000.00                  

       Ocala, FL 2003

       New high school: classes, gym,

       Auditorium, cafeteria, etc. 


13.  The Gatehouse Condo*                               Suncoast Wall & Ceiling Sys.     $4,500,000.00               

       Panama City Beach, FL 2004

       4-story resort condo, Div. 9 bid

       included about $2MM of Hardie siding


 14. Purgatory Lodge*                                       San Juan Insul. & Drywall Inc   $2,500,000.00               

       Purgatory, CO 2007

       7-story resort hotel


15.  Palm Coast Hilton*                                     Suncoast Wall & Ceiling Sys.     $1,200,000.00               

       Palm Coast, FL 2007

       6-story hotel


16.  NY Jets Training Center                             Bluefin Construction                  $5,000,000.00               

       Meadowlands, NJ 2007

       250,000 SF training facility


17.  Syracuse University Dorm*                         Edward Schalk & Son Inc.         $2,900,000.00

       Syracuse, NY 2008

       9-story dorm and student center

       (client had job, hired me for a 2nd look)


18.  Jersey Shore Outlet Mall                             Bluefin Construction                  $9,000,000.00               

       Tinton Falls, NJ 2008

       450,000 SF outlet mall


19.  Mayo Correctional Facility                           Suncoast Wall & Ceiling Sys.     $7,600,000.00               

       Mayo, FL 2008

       Large prison (Balfour-Beatty was the CM)


20.  Squad OPS Facility                                     Suncoast Wall & Ceiling Sys.     $2,500,000.00               

       Eglin AFB, FL 2008

       Flight operations & training center


21.  EAB Barracks                                            Suncoast Wall & Ceiling Sys.     $1,800,000.00               

       Ft Stewart, GA 2009

       Army barracks


22.  Orlando Event Center*                                Kenpat USA                             $12,000,000.00  +         

       Orlando, FL 2009

       New Arena/coliseum for

       Orlando Magic, 700,000 SF, on 7 levels around arena.

       Client had job; hired me for detailed framing takeoff.


23.  Chatsworth at Wellington                            Aetna Construction Inc.             $2,000,000.00

       125,000 SF Assisted Living/Skilled nursing Facility

       Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  2009



24.  Crystal River High School                           Advanced Drywall Systems       $1,200,000.00

       130,000 SF High School

       Crystal River, FL 2010


25.  Sarasota Memorial Hospital                         Advanced Drywall Systems       $5,000,000.00 Plus        

       300,000 SF Expansion & renovation

       Sarasota, FL 2010


26.   Bay Pines VA Hospital                              Advanced Drywall Systems       (Price Confidential)

        156,000 SF Expansion

        Bay Pines, FL 2011     

 (Bid results pending)