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  • Estimating Services


        • I work by the hour or by the job.  I prefer to quote by the job.
        • To quote by the job, I need to see electronic documents, to know your exact scope and to know how you want the take-off done, such as drywall labor by the SF or by the board, framing labor by the SF, RF or piece, etc. 
        • Quotes by the job do not include addenda or revised plans that arrive after the time I quoted you; they will be billed by the hour (there is no way to know how extensively addenda or revisions affect my time until I see them).
        • New clients are required to pay a 50 % deposit on first job only.  Then all clients with a satisfactory payment history are invoiced for balance due on day I complete estimate.  Invoices are net 10, not net 30! 
        • I work first-come/first-served.  I do not commit my time until I receive bid documents.  If you decide not to bid while I am working on your estimate, you will be billed for time spent so far.
        • I will plug in average labor and material prices, that you and I will modify before the bid, based on YOUR material and labor costs, not these averages.  These costs, especially for labor, vary greatly around the country and even greatly between two subs in the same locale.  You must know your own labor productivity.  I will give you or your suppliers a detailed material list from which to get material price protection for each job.
        • At clients' request and at clients' expense, especially for some of the larger, more complex projects, I have flown all over the country, either to their offices to review the estimate face-to-face, before bidding, or to accompany them to scope reviews, contract negotiations, etc.


  • Training Services


      • I have trained clients in estimating and in the use of On-Screen Take-Off and Quickbid at their offices and at my location as well. 
      • Clients pay hourly rate for training.  When I travel, each day I'm there is billed at 8 hours minimum (some clients have a lot of unexpected phone interruptions).
      • I can now offer web-based training with clients.  Call or e-mail for details. 
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